We assess each plan and offer optimal solutions

Know the Industry

We have over 30 years experience in the construction and renovation industry

Cescon Project Solutions (CPS) is a National Project Management consulting firm that provides project management & development services for Health care, Education, Remote Sites, Hospitality, Corporate offices, & Government sectors across Canada. We are the project management consultants you need to create value in your next project.

Dedicated Project Management Consulting

Our team is both strong and professional, allowing us to deliver optimal “Project Solutions” for our clients. Using our key results indicators, including Scope, Cost, Time, and Quality, we will meet or exceed client expectations every time. 

Build People's Dreams

Whether you need help with your project’s commercial kitchen design, office relocation, or sourcing commercial kitchen equipment, Cescon Project Solutions are the project management consultants for you. With years of experience in construction project management companies under our team’s belt, there’s nothing we aren’t prepared to do.

We Create Value for Our Clients

Our customer focus is to include “Value Management” in order to reduce costs and improve value without sacrificing quality or performance. Our team also engages with our clients on a collaborative level in order to create a clear focus on the delivery of the project. This approach is how we’ve established ourselves as the top project management consulting firm in Toronto.